Lanka Comic Con: Sri Lanka's Geek Cultural Festival.


The Asus Lanka Comic Con 2017 will take place on
August 26th (10am-8pm) and 27th (10am to 6pm) at the SLECC.


Event information will be posted here

Thank you for all your help at Lanka Comic Con 2016, and your feedback afterwards. 2017 will be at a new (and larger) venue. Our team has grown, we have reliable partners, but most important, is you!

Lanka Comic Con wouldn't be possible without you. Your passion, your effort, your joy. Please watch this space. We'll be asking your help with volunteering, feedback, and of course, spreading the word! 

Let's keep making a place in Sri Lanka, that we Geeks know is our own.

All photography provided by Ruwen Gy Sil and Ranmith Welikala



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