Being Themselves - Chathurinda Sumithraarachchi

Chathurinda is a 22 year old Undergraduate at the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. In his free time he likes to draw, make cosplay props and make Videos for his YouTube channel Chathurinda 711. He admits to being mostly influenced by Batman and his life but also likes heroes who don’t have extraordinary abilities like Captain America, Green Arrow, Daredevil, Iron man and Nightwing. He is also a huge fan of history & arts and also loves the Assassin’s Creed series. 

“I’ve always cosplayed since I was a kid because I wanted to become the heroes I admire. I first got the opportunity to cosplay in public as green arrow at Sri Lanka’s first ever comic con in 2015.“


“Before I select a cosplay I take the time to research the source materials and the small details and figure out how I’m going to make the costumes and then begin the crafting. Sometimes I want my cosplay to look exactly like the source and sometimes I want to redesign the character completely. I mostly use corrugated cardboard for my cosplays and it takes me about 3 months to make a single character from scratch.”

Chathurinda feels that the best thing about cosplaying is that he gets to be the heroes he admires plus he gets to meet the people who like those characters as much as he does.”It can be really satisfying when months of hard work finally becomes a complete costume and I can say that I made everything by myself from scratch”.  

He’s cosplayed  as the Green Arrow, a Jedi, the Daredevil and Batman (Arkham Knight Version) at public events “out of them my Favorite is Batman because for me the best batman was in the game Batman Arkham Knight and I made everything to be accurate to the game as much as possible”.

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