There will be Fighting at Lanka Comic Con (so forget Inter-school Rugby)

We are bringing back Duelling. 

Mock duels and battles are what the LARP Guild of Sri Lanka are all about (LARP stands for "Live Action Role Play." Think of Dungeons and Dragons but with wandering around). Below are some shots of what they get up to. 

"Argue Wars"

The LARP Guild is organizing civilized, gentlemanly duels to settle long standing, geek arguments. Do you want to fight for your fandom? Sign up here if you are interested.

If your side wins a duel, then Lanka Comic Con will officially rule that your side is correct / better, for an entire year

The following arguments will be decided by duels:

1 - Jedi vs Sith

Side stakes: 
I) Admit the Luke-Leia kiss was seriously messed up. 

II) Kylo Ren sees a dermatologist. 


2 - Console vs PC 

Side Stakes: 
1) Accept that Halo is overrated (but should really come to PC). 

2) Delete Steam



3 - Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones

Side Stakes: 
1) Admit "the Hobbit" movies sucked. 

2) Give up nudity




If you want to take part in the Argue Wars, you can sign up here.

To learn more about LARPing, you can contact Johann, the organizer, by email (  or on Facebook