"Lionborn" - Sinhabahu Reimagined - Launching at Lanka Comic Con

Get Issue 1 at Lanka Comic Con

Get Issue 1 at Lanka Comic Con

"Lionborn” is a 7-part comic miniseries that re-imagines the Sri Lankan legend of Sinhabahu.

"The legend of Sinhabahu is probably one of the most well known tales in Sri Lanka," said writer, Sachi Ediriweera,  "Yet, very little is known apart from few specifics which we learn from general folklore."

"Lionborn” Blends elements of hardboiled detective noir with action-adventure.

Synopsis: When his sister Sivali is wrongfully arrested in connection with the case of a missing girl, Sheerdas returns to Vanga to seek the truth. His investigation draws him onto the trail of secrets, betrayals and consequences stemming from the dark reign of his father, The Lion.

You may remember us writing about him much earlier, when his company Filmbox, joined as our design partner. I've seen some of his short films, and of late the design work he's done for Lanka Comic Con.

People, the man is thorough in everything he does. 

As such, I'm very interested to see how he handles a story he as passionate about. One he has been working on, for two years


It’s truly gratifying to see the book come together and to share the first chapter at Lanka Comic Con.
— Sach Ediriweera, Writer

From writer/artist Sachi Ediriweera with colorist Chris Lissman. Additional colors by Prabath Wijayantha (watc out for him, too!). Series covers by Sachi Ediriweera and Vinicius Townsend (Dynamite Entertainment’s Battlestar Gallactica). 

Sachi will be launching Issue No. 01 at 10:30am, on Saturday, 20th August, at Lanka Comic Con.