The founder of Comic Con India, is coming to Lanka Comic Con

Jatin Varma, the founder of Comic Con India, is dropping by to say Ohai! Comic Con India began in 2011, in New Delhi. “We didn't really have any event experience,” Varma said, “But we thought why not experiment? Let's try and put this together.” At that very first event, 15,000 came.

“We had to first explain to people what a Comic Con is,” Varma said. “Everyone comes in with their own meaning. Some think it would be a very artistic event, others think it's more about entertainment. Most just relate to what they see on television.”

Comic Con India has expanded since then into a properly, national event. The main exhibition, is Delhi Comic Con. Comic Con India now also hosts Hyderabad Comic Con, Bangalore Comic Con, and Mumbai Comic Con. These are all part of the Comic Con India. Varma has always identified as a geek. Before Comic Con India then there was no one who understood his passion, there was no one he could talk to. Now, he's surrounded by people who can talk for hours about characters and costumes and storylines. Now it's cool to be a geek.

Jatin will be one of the judges at the cosplay fashion show, on Saturday. This article by Mridu Khullar Relph has been heavily sampled in the above write up.