IFilm Sri Lanka are Lanka Comic Con's Official Social Media Partner

IFilm's mascot, and IFilm's mascot. 

IFilm's mascot, and IFilm's mascot. 

"Do we have a female cosplayer?"

"Nope. No female cosplayers today."

It was pretty hot outside the JDA Perera Gallery today. The security guards were really nice, and let people walk in and out carrying (and sometimes using) foam swords. We went through all our water by about 11. It was 11:30. We'd been there for an hour, in the sun, and we had no female cosplayer.

"Then we'll have to scrap this and do a whole new video," said Jason Rajasinghe, of IFilm, Sri Lanka. They had planned the video for at least two weeks. "That's fine. Gimme 15 fifteen minutes to think of something."

He took five. 

IFilm joined us a few weeks ago as our Official Social Media Partner. In that time, they put this out, which they shot, edited and uploaded, in two days

IFilm Sri Lanka creates dynamic and trend focused, viral video content. They also produce corporate tv commercials and documentaries, with unique filming concepts - that entertain, and impact brand awareness. Just look at how cool they make our city look.

"Alright," says Jake, the IFilmer directing us. "I want you guys to talk about Comic Con. Navin, you need to pop up, when they're done."

How hard could this be?

How hard could this be?

"Pop up?" I'm already in a top hat. 

"Yeah. Pop up."


I crouch down, but my bad back cooperates. I hold on to Kashan the the Jedi's leg, so I don't fall over. A camera swings low, and captures my (lack of) grace. Behind me, I hear Sunera as Batman (he's saying "I'm Batman," again and again). 

We do the scene. It plays to our strengths, I think I popped out, convincingly. We realize someone could do a pretty good Star Trek science offer for his Day 2 Cosplay. The IFilm team seem pleased.

This scene has already been deleted. 

This scene has already been deleted. 

"Thank you! You can go home now!" says IFilmer, Banu. They're about to go troll Colombo, in the hot sun, for the next three hours. No one seems daunted. No grumbling. They're not even drinking water.

Vasanth and I talk about the cool bike armor one is wearing: great for a Post-Apocalypse,  cosplay. They say little, mount up, and go; that almost-telepathy you see in strong teams.

I'm glad they're on our side. I bet when no one else is looking though, they let loose

IFilm Sri Lanka is the Official Social Media Partner of Lanka Comic Con. 

“Navin’s so cute. He doesn’t know how to open our logo file.”
— Banu, IFilm