Roar Life did this respectful story on Cosplaying

Credits: Ushan Gunesekera, Jehan Seedin

Credits: Ushan Gunesekera, Jehan Seedin

Lanka Comic Con is just two weeks away, but according to Chathurinda, it’s still not too late to start working on your costumes. “I’m making my new batsuit from scratch and it’s a version that has not been cosplayed anywhere in the world so far… so yes, it’s possible,” he says.
— Ria Rameez, Roar Life

The problem with most media coverage of the Geek community (and not just in Sri Lanka), is that they all write this one, same, article:

"OMG! Look at what these people did! Isn't it Cute / Awesome / Weird? Come see the show!" 

They fetishize us, treating our culture, as their spectacle. The current fad of adding cosplay to everything, is an example of this.  

This is part of why we partnered with Roar Life. Look at how different the tone is, of this article they just did on cosplaying. It covers: 

- what cosplaying is
- why you should try it
- where to get materials
- what local cosplayers have to say

Roar Life does engaging culture and lifestyle content. They do articles and photo essays on the arts, food, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, and everyday Sri Lankan life. The quality of their writing is great, their topics are well-chosen, and I've already made a case for how respectfully they engage their work - and people. 

Roar Life is the CULTURE AND LIFESTYLE Partner of Lanka Comic Con