is Lanka Comic Con's Sinhala Online Media Partner

The most interesting story I've read this week on space travel and TRAPPIST-1 , has been in Sinhala. It talks about propulsion, habitable zones, the works. Right now it's the front page feature on, Lanka Comic Con's Sinhala Online Media Partner.

"At Aniwa," said founder Anisha Yasarante,  "our mission is to provide the Sinhala digital community with a high quality alternative that focuses on 100% original content that is humourous and useful instead of low brow gossip and politics." 

Aniwa has been covering Geek and Nerd-based articles for a while now, for Sinhala content readers. From Sinhala language scifi, to the Suicide Squad Not-Actually-Banning, to how to pick a tattoo (a story many should have read, but didn't). Check out their page: there's a whole world of Sri Lanka relevant content out there, that English readers are less likely to find. 

"We're really excited to reach out to the geeks of Sri Lanka," said Anisha,  "and come up with a lot of fun and interesting Sinhala content together with the Geek Club of SL in the coming weeks on comics, scifi, gaming, cosplay, and everything else that makes up the Lanka Comic Con movement."

Is Comic Con Just for English Speakers? 

If you think this is a silly question, then you are a geek. But, it's not silly, at all. Language splits this country like the Berlin Wall. It makes us aliens to each other, and keeps us from allies we don't know we have - or worse, assume are enemies. It was one of the first questions Aniwa reporter Pathum Punchihewa, asked me. It is probably one of the most important questions we've ever been asked. 

Yuval Noah Harari talks about 3 inventions that enabled tribal humans to cooperating with infinite strangers. Government (pay tax, or get shot); Currency (which is why Steam can trust you); and Ideas.

Comic Con is a celebration of geek ideas. Any geek can go to Comic Con Russia, the Malaysian GCC, or Lanka Comic Con - and be treated the same way. Our Geek ideas unites us with people around the planet. It unites us, here at home.   

Come Be Yourself. 

We’re especially honoured to be able to play a part in spreading the word far and wide all across the country to include everyone in all the activities leading up to and during what is shaping up to be a bigger, better and even more unforgettable celebration of Sri Lankan geek culture!
— Anisha Yasaratne,