Here's what happens when you pack Cosplayers on a Bus

So we packed a bus full of cosplayers and volunteers over the weekend. Here's what we did.


To be fair, Shayne never asked anyone for help.


Dat hot pink. 


Our volunteers helped with snacks and milk at the Sri Jinananda Children's Home.


We also got books for each of the kids, and did some reading with them. 


Do people still use that word? Am I dating myself? We went to the Asus ROG qualifier at Crescat, and got in the way. 


Seriously, who doesn't want to touch Devaka's hair?


He did alright.


Always be nice to the guy with the camera. He decides how people are remembered. Anjana, I am always nice to you. Always. 

More pictures here.
We visited Anim8 to collect the Lanka Comic Con Banners from CEO Dinesh Rajawasan. Then we headed over to the Sri Jinananda Childrens Home in Colombo 06.

The Cosplayers and Volunteers spent time playing with the kids and sharing a snack and new reading materials. The children were delighted, they already knew and could easily identify Geek pop-culture icons like Spiderman, Batman and Iron Man. Surprisingly – they even knew the Winter Soldier.

“We know you- you’re Captain America’s friend, who fell into the water and Captain America saved you” declared one 8 year old. When asked about what kind of books they wanted to read, another pointed at Batman and said – “We want to read books about people like that”.    

The final stop of the day was at Crescat Boulevard, where the “ROG Masters” gaming event was being held by the Lanka Comic Con 2017 title partner Asus. Visitors to Crescat were pleasantly surprised by the Cosplayers and many selfies were taken.

The day also saw the Debut of the “Tuk-Tuk Hero” the live action mascot of the Lanka Comic Con.

The Asus Lanka Comic Con 2017 will be held on the 26th & 27th of August 2017 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) from 10a.m – 6p.m.