Lanka Comic Con presents – Geek On!

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April is almost upon us. Easter, Sinhala & Tamil New Year and school holidays. There’s only so much house-cleaning, kokis- making, clothes shopping and visiting of 101 relatives that the Geek spirit can take. So whether you’re the one being harangued to clean your room or being dragged into the horrors of the House of Fashion holiday scrum, or you’re the person doing the haraguing and dragging, Lanka Comic Con’s Geek Pop-up Market can offer you a day of armistice for the entire family!

Here’s what to expect:

SHOPPING:  It is a market after all – Come get your Geek Tees, collectibles, comic and accessories from the usual suspects: Red Dot Geek, Nastars, Yamato One, Collectique, Jolly’s Toy shop and many more!


GEEK ART:  Support local Geek Artists- browse and buy some Geek Art!

Geek Art.jpg

GAMES :  Play some fun new Board Games. There’s something for everyone!     

  • Play our all new “Machangs against Humanity”and contribute your own cards to the game! (adult content, no one under 18 will be allowed to play, sorry).
  • Try out an all new kid friendly Role Playing Game. Kids team up with  parents (or gang up against parents) to play as ancient vikings on a perilous quest!.
  • Gaslands! Do you collect Hotwheels? Are you a petrolhead? Bring your car to a no-holds barred, Death Race meets Mad Max style car fight! Tournament for experienced players and a rookie table for newbies.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – we are geeks – so we will hunt Dragon eggs instead! This will be no    ordinary hunt.

LARP:  Kids! come make and paint your own shields (you can take them home with you), and then battle it out with foam swords!


FOOD:  Snacks and fast food will be available as well as yummy biscuit puddings by Belissima!

COSPLAY: Cosplayers extraordinaire Opula Fonseka and Eefa Hassan will be doing two shortcosplay workshops on makeup and scars


ISLAND COMICS' The Last Rain: Island Comics will launch the first issue of it's new comic, "The Last Rain", written by Thilani Samarasinha with art, lettering and colours by Randy Chriz Perera.

The Last Rain

THE YAMATO ONE GEEK AUCTION:  Yamato One are hosting a Geek Auction! Come try your luck in getting collectibles and comics at prices that are way less than the market!