Meet Devaki Neogi - Our 'Rising from the East' panelist at Lanka Comic Con 2018


We're very excited to announce our first guest panelist at Lanka Comic Con 2018: Devaki Neogi!

Devaki describes herself as primarily a self taught illustrator. She learned drawing from comics and is very passionate about storytelling.

She trained as a fashion designer at NIFT, Bangalore and admits that she still draws inspiration for her works from fashion and textures, as well as films. However, after working a few years in the fashion industry as a designer, she made the professional transition to 'Illustrator' as her chosen career. 


She is most keen on working on comics and creating art for them. She has worked on illustration projects like advertising, children's books, book covers, fashion magazines, as well as on comic books.

She's currently working as a penciller and inker on a licensed property, which has now turned into a graphic novel, as well as another comic mini-series which is creator-owned. Both of these projects are with US publishers, but she can't tell us who they are because they haven not been announced as yet! Besides this, Devaki is also working on an Indian short comic and a single-issue Indian comic book.


Her past work includes being co-creator and artist for two miniseries: THE SKEPTICS (Black Mask!) and CURB STOMP (Boom! Studios). 

Devaki will be speaking at Lanka Comic Con 2018 on her experience as an Asian and a woman, breaking into mainstream comics creation, in our ongoing annual LCC panel "Rising from the East".