Blizzard Entertainment's Director of Story, George Krstic, at Lanka Comic Con


Emmy, Annie and Saturn Award nominated creator and Director of Story at Blizzard Entertainment, George Krstic, will be joining us via Skype at Lanka Comic Con 2018 for a discussion on game narrative, creating game story, and the strategies he uses to allow players to explore the characters in the game through gameplay experiences.


George Krstic loves big Robots. He co-created, wrote, directed and produced Megas XLR. He also wrote and produced several episodes of Transformers: Combiner Wars and an episode of Max Steel.

He was also one of the writers for the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Cartoon Network. 

He was story editor for the Emmy nominated TV series Downtown. 

George Krstic also loves Video games. He was senior writer for the massively popular video game League of Legends (winner of the 2009, PC Best Strategy Game and and PC Gamers' Choice Awards. The game was also nominated for Best Spectator Game in IGN's Best of 2017 Awards)

And now? George is currently the Director of Story and Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment.


The new storylines and cinematics for the WoW Expansion- Battle for Azeroth? – that was George and his team. (Incidentally Battle for Azeroth releases globally on August 14th, - the first time in WoW history, where the expansion will launch in all regions at the same time.) 

Those absolutely gorgeous animated shorts for Overwatch? That was George and his team too.

There will be lots of time for Q & A so come learn about how game writing and a great story can enhance and even transform the video game experience for players.