Big Bad Wolf is Bringing Augmented Reality Books

BBW is bringing Augmented Reality (AR) books to their sale this week. Specifically, the Hippo Magic line of AR children's books. Here’s how they work:

So I tried it out. You first need to download the Hippo Magic app which is on Google Play. You turn it on, hover over the book, and it will prompt you to download said book (so the files are client-side). And that's it! Any pages that have AR content will have a little logo at the bottom of them.

Big Bad Wolf are the only retailer for hippo magic AR books, in Asia. They will be at the SLECC this weekend. If you know a kid who loves reading - or ought to get into reading - pick one up for them and see what happens.

Also, bring a friend. I know we will. See you there!

Navin Weeraratne

Lanka Comic Con Postponed to December

2019 Logo.png

Due to the current situation in the country we have decided to postpone Lanka Comic Con 2019 to December 6th and 7th.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. However, postponing allows us to bring in stronger security. It also gives us more time to assess the country’s situation and whether it poses a threat to the safety of the event.

For updates on Lanka Comic Con 2019, including when tickets go on sale (tickets will be limited this year for security reasons), please sign up for email updates. *

Thank you for your understanding.

Thilani Samarasinha, Principal Organizer

Lanka Comic Con respects your privacy. We will not sell your email address to a third party, for any reason.

Stan Lee Passes Away, at 95

StaN lEE.jpg

Legendary comic book creator, writer, editor and the man behind many of Marvel Comics' staples, Stan Lee, has passed away at the age of 95.

A titan in the field of comics, Lee made his name in the early days of Marvel, co-creating characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, the Incredible Hulk and more.

While Lee did work on his own, it was through his work with frequent collaborators like Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and others that he was able to transform Marvel Comics from a small business, to one of the top two comic-books publishers in the world. and then later into a multimedia franchise.

stan lee 2.jpg

Lee had a unique way of getting things done at Marvel: he would brainstorm a story with an artist, then write a synopsis. Once the artist drew the story panels, Lee would fill up the captions and word balloons and the process came to be known as the “The Marvel Method.”

Lee's fame and influence as the face and figurehead of Marvel, even in his 90's, remained considerable.

Stan lee 4.jpg

In recent years, he became this omnipresent pop culture icon, a smirking, charming, devil-may-care rogue, with a quip for every occasion and appearing in Marvel movies cameos, shown avoiding falling concrete, watering his lawn, delivering the mail, crashing a wedding, playing a security guard, etc.

It's hard to imagine Marvel without Stan Lee…but he will remain in our hearts, forever.

In fond remembrance…


Stan Lee 3.jpeg

Lanka Comic Con presents, ‘A Geeky Hallow's Eve’

It’s finally here! The eve of Lanka Comic Con’s ‘A Geeky Hallows’ Eve’!

Cover ImAGE.jpg

A fun, kid-friendly geeky celebration of Halloween from 3pm onwards at Geek HQ

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening:


Board Games and Role-Playing Games (All Horror-themed)


The Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A photographer will be present to capture your awesome, horror-themed costumes for the Red Dot Geek Halloween Costume Contest


A special viewing of High School Junkies’ new horror short film, ‘The Summoning’, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and director.

The Summoning.jpg
STILL (27).png
STILL (39).png

Followed by a horror-classic…we’re keeping that one a surprise.

Come join us tomorrow at Geek HQ from 3pm onwards for a Geeky horror-fest that everyone can enjoy!

Retraction Regarding Contest at the Costume Ball

We apologize for promoting this contest, as part of our Halloween event. It was our understanding it applied to Sri Lanka. However, it does not.

It is entirely our responsibility to vet third party suggestions before putting them on our page. We are changing how we share such content, to protect our fans.

- Thilani Samarasinha,
Principal Organizer, Lanka Comic Con

While we are having the costume ball as stated previously, we are retracting our announcement for the following competition. Sri Lankans are not eligible.


'Geek Store' Providing Affordable Shop Space for Artists and Small Sellers

The Geek Store.jpg

Colombo’s new Geek venture, the “Geek Store,” offers store space to small and new vendors, and even individual artists, at special, low rates in order to get their products out to the local community.

These are their rates:

Fullscreen capture 28-Sep-18 20307 PM.bmp.jpg

“There are a lot of smaller vendors in the community, like collectors or diecast merchants, and even artists who do hand-painted pictures,” said Geek HQ founder, Angelo Pereira. “But many of them do not have a store presence. This makes it harder for them to grow, and sell on a regular, sustainable basis. I thought ‘hey, what if we can come up with low-cost shelf or store space so they can always be selling, throughout the year?”

The spaces start at 2 feet square blocks, going up to 10 feet square blocks.  There is also a product for people doing Geek services, such as makeup or instructional workshops, complete with an “appointment book” so they can book their client visits.

The Fairway shortlisted, Sri lankan zombie novel, ‘Zeelam’ will be available at the Geek Store in October.

The Fairway shortlisted, Sri lankan zombie novel, ‘Zeelam’ will be available at the Geek Store in October.

“Outside of the usual merchandising events like Lanka Comic Con, it is tough for smaller sellers and artists to get their work out there,” said Thilani Samarasinha, principal organizer of Lanka Comic Con, and herself a small vendor of her own, independent comics brand, Island Comics. “It is important for their growth to be able to sell easily, throughout the year. This will help them move towards sustainable, full-time livelihoods.”

The Geek store is currently offering 10% off on their rates, for anyone who books and pays for a space with them, before November 1st. Spots are limited.

The ‘Geek Store’ is opening at the Geek HQ on 17A Frankfurt Place, Colombo 4.
To discuss booking a space, please contact Angelo at 0716014509, or .

The Geek store is presented by Paintedfigs.

Geek HQ , home of the Geek Store, coming in October.

Geek HQ, home of the Geek Store, coming in October.

Blizzard Entertainment's Director of Story, George Krstic, at Lanka Comic Con


Emmy, Annie and Saturn Award nominated creator and Director of Story at Blizzard Entertainment, George Krstic, will be joining us via Skype at Lanka Comic Con 2018 for a discussion on game narrative, creating game story, and the strategies he uses to allow players to explore the characters in the game through gameplay experiences.


George Krstic loves big Robots. He co-created, wrote, directed and produced Megas XLR. He also wrote and produced several episodes of Transformers: Combiner Wars and an episode of Max Steel.

He was also one of the writers for the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Cartoon Network. 

He was story editor for the Emmy nominated TV series Downtown. 

George Krstic also loves Video games. He was senior writer for the massively popular video game League of Legends (winner of the 2009, PC Best Strategy Game and and PC Gamers' Choice Awards. The game was also nominated for Best Spectator Game in IGN's Best of 2017 Awards)

And now? George is currently the Director of Story and Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment.


The new storylines and cinematics for the WoW Expansion- Battle for Azeroth? – that was George and his team. (Incidentally Battle for Azeroth releases globally on August 14th, - the first time in WoW history, where the expansion will launch in all regions at the same time.) 

Those absolutely gorgeous animated shorts for Overwatch? That was George and his team too.

There will be lots of time for Q & A so come learn about how game writing and a great story can enhance and even transform the video game experience for players.  

Meet our Partners

Lanka Comic Con has always been blessed with great partners - be it corporations, small businesses or individuals. Our partners in previous years have always had one thing in common: they shared our passion for quality, innovation, imagination and community.

This year is no different: - Our Print Partner is also our longest standing partner, period.

They have a competent, friendly and obliging staff who consistently manage to fulfill our requests - however bizarre and last minute - in a timely manner.

They've evolved over the years too -  from simply printing on paper to printing on pretty much everything. They even print and install custom wallpaper! It's only a matter of time really before they start 3D printing houses - Dinesh, the owner is cool like that. A totally hoopy frood.



CHOKOLAATE - Sri Lanka's premier youth magazine is our Youth Engagement Partner.

They are super supportive of Geek Culture, playing host to a Geek Club page and covering a range of geeky events and features.

Decibel - Our Music Partner is as passionate as we are about celebrating independent local creators and artists and building local creative community.

Yazmin Yousuf - the face, heart and brains of is one of the most tirelessly hardworking and intensely positive people we know. She refuses to rest on her laurels and keeps forging ahead, resolutely. She is an inspiration.  



DSI - Our Footwear Partner has what is probably the best kept secret in town: they have licenses for Barbie, HotWheels, Disney and MARVEL footwear! (un-freaking-believable, give us our Infinity slippers already).

After this August you will never have to wear plain, boring, flip-flops again..



Our radio partner, Yes FM is one of Sri Lanka's most popular contemporary hit radio stations, broadcasting since 1993. 

Yes FM is also committed to giving local artists a platform through their Homegrown weekly show and annual awards, which parallel's Lanka Comic Con's commitment to be a platform for local pop-culture artists.


More to come...stay tuned!


Meet the team behind Komaali Kings, featured panelists at Lanka Comic Con 2018

This is Komaali Kings, கோமாளி கிங்ஸ்) (or Clown Kings in English), Sri Lanka's first mass-budgeted, Tamil-language films in over 40 years! The last Sri Lankan Tamil-language film to be released island-wide on this scale was Komaligal, in 1976.


This black-comedy thriller has been written and directed by King Ratnam (and is also his directorial debut). Komali Kings is co-produced by Ganesh Deivanayagam, Bawadharani Rajasingham and R. Selvaskandan for Picture This Motions.

The film, starring Raja Ganeshan, Kamala Sri Mohan, Darshan Dharmaraj, Gajan Kanesshan, Niranjani Shanmugaraja, Sathiyapriya Ratnasaamy along with King Ratnam in the lead role, opened to positive reviews and to much acclaim from it's Tamil-language audience.

Inspired by Komaligal, the story of Komali Kings revolves around Siva Sithambaram (played by Raja Ganesan), an average next-door neighbour whose mundane life takes a hilarious turn when a distant relative, Pat (played by King Ratnam) and his family from London, decide to stay with him for the duration of their trip, in order to attend a family wedding.

Image 1.jpg

The film was shot Jaffna, Batticaloa, Malayagam and Colombo. The team behind the movie worked hard to ensure that the casting encompassed a mixture of Tamil and Sinhala races, as well as Hindu, Muslim and Christianity cultures, in order to reflect unity between the different ethinic groups in the country.

We are highly thrilled to announce that the team behind Komali Kings will have their very own, tri-lingual panel at Lanka Comic Con 2018!