Bus Mob

The Bus Mob is This Weekend.

On Saturday (the 29th) the bus mob gets going.

If you want to see the mob:

Please scroll down to 11:30am, Crescat Mall, the ASUS, Republic of Gamers, Qualifier. We'd love for you to join us at Crescat for pictures and games. It will also be the last chance to get the All Access badges for the Asus Lanka Comic Con 2017.

If you're cosplaying, a guardian, or media traveling with the mob: 

Edit: The bus mob is now full. 

Media, please use this link, instead.


9am, St Theresa's Church

Thimbirigasyaya, Colombo 5. Media, cosplayers, and cosplayer guardians, please meet here by 8:30am. The bus is leaving at 9am, sharp. 

If you do miss the bus, please try and meet up with us, at one of the stops. 

9:15am, Anim8

We drop by Anim8, our print partner, to pick up our banners. You can also ask the owner, Dinesh, if it's true that he can drag a Nissan Patrol behind him, just for fun (it is, but you want to see the video).  

9:30am, Cruising 

We be rolling. They be hating. 

10:30am, Sri Junarathna Orphanage, Bambalapitiya

The orphanage said the kids like chocolate eclairs and milk from a specific shop. So, we'll be picking those up (in character), and taking them over. We're going to spend some time with the kids: you judge a community by how it treats its most vulnerable members.  



Please indulge me, though. I will never have another chance, to reference this: 




11:30am, Crescat Mall, the ASUS, Republic of Gamers, Qualifier

We're finishing up at Crescat Mall, at the Republic of Gamers (ROG) event. We'll be having some games and competitions, and this will be last chance for people to get All Access badges to Lanka Comic Con. 

That's pretty much it. See you on the bus. 

Join us at the Asus Lanka Comic Con Bus Mob (and Partay)

On July 29th, we're packing a double-decker full of cosplayers, and driving around Colombo. There will be waving at random strangers (who may wave back).  There will be picture-taking and instagramming. Security guards will chase us away, for no good reason.  Then we're taking over Crescat, where we'll hang out with other cosplayers, and people coming to see us. 

Get on the Bus!

If you want to ride the bus with us, you need to:

- Cosplay
- be the legal guardian of a cosplayer who is under 18 (who is also on the bus) 
- be a journalist covering the event (Journalists, please fill out this form)


If you want to cosplay and ride the bus, we need you to fill out this form.

There are limited spots on the bus, so priority is: 

- First come first served
- Cosplayers who participated last year


The Route 

We're still confirming the details, but didn't want to delay announcing so people working on their cosplays would at least have a month's notice. What we can tell you is:

- We're starting at 9am
- We're visiting some of our partner sites
- We're ending up at the ROG Masters at Crescat, for games and giveaways 



The Partay

At 12:30, we're gathering at the Crescat mall, at the ROG Masters Event. We'll be having games and giveaways and will also be selling Lanka Comic Con 2017 badges  - limited run souvenirs, that also get you into Asus Lanka Comic Con, 2017. 

You don't have to cosplay to come join us at Crescat. If you do want to cosplay, but don't get a place on the bus, please join us at Crescat instead.