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Hitler Talks About Cosplay at Lanka Comic Con

Cosplay Contest

Lanka Comic Con will not hold a cosplay competition at the Asus Lanka Comic Con 2017. Hitler will tell you why, above. 

We were not too keen to hold it last year, for the same reason, and after the results from 2016, we have decided to go with our gut. 

Other parties (vendors and partners) have talked about holding  their own cosplay competitions at the event and that's fine.

Edit: There will be a ramp for cosplayers to walk. There will be two walks on each day, morning and evening. ALL cosplayers get to walk - there is no shortlisting.  


We are going to have a lot more space that last year, which will do a great deal to reduce the chance of accidents. However, please be considerate with your cosplay props. Ask a friend: "do you think this is too dangerous?" If they pause before answering, then that means yes, it is. 

Also, at the event, be careful with your props. If you run around waving a sword - the made of metal kind - we will confiscate it and give it back to you at the end of the day.  

If we think a prop is just too dangerous, period (metal wolverine claws), it does not matter how they're handled. We'll make a decision then and there, whether or not to ask you to put them away, or keep them with us until you go on stage. 


If you see someone being harassing or inappropriate, tell a Comic Con volunteer or organizer. We're going to have volunteers going around specifically asking people if they have been harassed, or seen other people being harassed. Please don't wait till the event is over to put it in the feedback form: we need to know as soon as you see it, or experience it. No one gets to harass anyone, at Comic Con. 


If you're a guy wearing spandex, make sure your bros are properly concealed. If not, we'll tell you at the ticket booth -- but, we'd rather not have to. 


That's pretty much it. See you all soon! 

Special thanks to Jeevan Sukumaran for helping with the Hitler video, and WWHD? advice.