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Monday is the last day to get your Comic Con stall at 40% off

Comic Con stalls and tables are at 40% off, only until Monday (May 15th). 

If you want a stall (18,000 LKR) or a table (6,000 LKR) ** : 

1)  contact us here*
2) Make the payment to:

The Lanka Comic Con Trust
Commercial Bank, Thummulla Branch,
Current Account: 111 602 2457

3) Send us a pic of the payment slip

From Tuesday, the prices go up, to 20% off.   

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** Stalls get preferential placement over tables. For full details, click here.

An Amazing Tent-based Comic Con Just Happened

Comic Con India's Delhi edition, was this weekend. This is what a tent-based Comic Con, looks like once you're attendees are in the 10s of thousands (try to count the number of tents):

Last year, was 30,000+ attendees.  Picture Credit: Comic Con India

Last year, was 30,000+ attendees. 
Picture Credit: Comic Con India

Jatin Varma is the main organizer of India Comic Con. We had the good luck of having him visit us at Lanka Comic Con this year, and we got to visit him and his crew in turn last month, at Benguluru Comic Con. 

I don't know yet how many came this year (last year's figure was 30,000 attendees). However, here are some pictures of their massive crowd.

This is what a Comic Con in the tens of thousands, looks like.

Here are just a few shots of the amazing cosplay that took place. To see more, check out their event gallery, here:  

We're delighted at how well the India Comic Con team has done. Congratulations!  

Picture Credit: Comic Con India

Picture Credit: Comic Con India