Raveen Wijayatilake

Lanka Comic Con wins Interim Injunction Against Raveen Wijayatilake

In December 2015, we discovered that Raveen Wijayatilake had acquired LankaComicCon.com, .net, and .org urls through GoDaddy.com. This was immediately following the breakdown in our relationship with him, after he demanded we give him the Lanka Comic Con trademark, which we refused. 
We then requested the urls be returned to us, and were ignored. We then made a second request, which was also ignored. We were informed by GoDaddy.com that we needed a legal decision before they would give us the urls, so we filed an injunction against him (H.C. (Civil) Case No. 33/2016/IP), in July of 2016
The injunction was that: 
He could not interfere with our event in any way
He could not infringe on our trademark
Following this, Raveen Wijayatilake announced along with his own event, SLCG, “Colombo Comic Con”. Further infringement followed by proxy, through mislead partners and vendors. For example: 

Interim Injunction

We received the interim injunction in our favor, on May 30th. It remains in place until we receive the permanent injunction. As such please be advised, that: 

Raveen Wijayatilake and/or his agents and/or his servants and/or any third party acting through him, are now prohibited by law, from using the Trade Mark ‘Lanka Comic Con’ and or any variations of it in any way including inter alia in any promotional activities or events or brochures, internet sites and/or domain names. 

 “We are pleased we won the interim injunction," said Thilani Samarasinha, Head of Lanka Comic Con. "Now we’re just going through the motions till we get the permanent one. It is high time this nonsense ended though. Comic Con is for all geeks to come together and celebrate our shared culture. It is not a celebration of personal egos.”


Domain Registration, LankaComicCon.COM
Domain Registration, LankaComicCon.NET
Domain Registration, LankaComicCon.ORG

Edit: Previously, we had stated SLCG had been rebranded as "Colombo Comic Con." This has been corrected.