These Are the Patrons of Sri Lankan Geek Culture.

We thank our partners for their support, and for helping us - and you! - to create our country's own geek cultural festival.  

Asus - Title Partner

Asus is one of the world's largest PC vendors. Asus appears in BusinessWeek’s "InfoTech 100" and "Asia’s Top 10 IT Companies" rankings, and it ranked first in the IT Hardware category of the 2008 Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands survey with a total brand value of $1.3 billion.

Anim8- Print Partner is a leading digital print services company the most versatile and high-tech print on-demand organization in Sri Lanka. is in the midst of a green initiative, recycling 200 kilograms of paper a month and increasing solar power utilization, towards a low carbon footprint...a high standard for any business operating in Sri Lanka. Sinhala Language Partner is a Sinhala language lifestyle content platform that publishes wholly-original, useful content focusing on lifestyle, arts, culture, health, trending social issues and much more. is ranked as one of the most visited sites for original Sinhala lifestyle content.

AOD- Creative Partner

The Academy of Design is Sri Lanka's premium design institute, operating on a unique model that combines global design practices, industry know-how, international exposure and local heritage. AOD is also behind some of the most powerful design initiatives in the country, such as Sri Lanka Design Festival and Island Craft Project.

Etisalat- Communications Partner

The UAE based operator Etisalat, began its operations in Sri Lanka on 25th February 2010, acquiring what was earlier Sri Lanka's first cellular network, Celltell. With over 167million customers across 16 countries, Etisalat's mission in Sri Lanka is to treat their customers as their own, with the slogan "Power to You!"

The Fotobooth Guys- Photobooth Partner

The Fotobooth Guys are a relatively new company, establishing themselves in being at the top of a specialized service: providing a premium open air photo booth experience in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Their approach towards making the photobooth experience is make it 'totally unique' and 'seriously fun'.

Jetwing Hotels- Hospitality Partner

Jetwing Hotels are one of the largest hotels and resort groups in Sri Lanka, with 31 distinctive properties spread across the country. The hotel group are known for offering their customers complete indulgence, warmth of care and have maintained exceptionally high standards in the Sri Lankan hotel industry.

PickMe- Travel Partner

PickMe was conceptualized in 2014 as the first Sri Lankan taxi hailing app and began operations in March 2015. PickMe has revolutionized the Sri Lankan taxi industry, utilizing efficient processes and more importantly showing 'respect for the drivers' they work with. In addition, PickMe has also been at the forefront of rescue operations during the 2016 flooding, using their technical proficiency to aid the effort.

Radicalz- Video Partner

Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2012 with the vision of 'Revolutionizing Digital Media'. Since then, the team has grown considerably, diversifying into Video Production, Animation, Professional Photography and Branding/Marketing solutions. Tamil Language Partner is a multi-language media platform that covers news, political analysis, socio-economic issues, lifestyle, technology and more, in a meaningful and engaging manner. currently publishes content across nine-channels, in five languages.

TNL Radio - Radio Partner

Established in April 1993, TNL Radio is one of Sri Lanka's premium English-language radio stations, catering to a large audience that is responsive to the latest trends in music and lifestyle. In addition to its diverse home grown on-air talent, the station hosts the highest number of internationally acclaimed shows in Sri Lanka.

- Article by Vasanth Kahandawela 

We toured Colombo this morning (and made a child cry).

In pouring rain, cosplayers, journalists, and volunteers assembled this morning to tour Colombo.

TL:DR - Full galleries here:
Bus Mob Promo 2016
Deadpool: A Love Story

St Theresa's Church

So we gathered here, which may not have been the wisest thing given that we had a bunch of people cosplaying as the Undead. They didn't seem to mind though - and we left before we could get into trouble. 

This would be a theme throughout the day. 



First we dropped by the good folk at Anim8. They seemed pretty excited, especially the guys n the print shop who were like giddy girls at a Boy Band concert (when I beckoned for the them to come out and join everyone else taking pictures though, they ran and hid). 

Amaal Mansour, Anim8's second in command, gave us our lovely banner. 


Savoy Theater - EAP 

Next we visited the Savoy Theater. I'm not sure how the bus managed those turns, but it made it to Wellawatte. The folks at the Savoy were quite jazzed, though the general public's reaction were more mixed. 

"[The cosplayers] wanted to fight her, her words," said Innocent Bystander, Shanil Wannakuwatte, of his traumatized young daughter. In proper Sri Lankan fashion, the aggrieved party was bought off (in this case, with Pringles). 


Speaking of Pringles...

Pringles is the official Snack Partner of Lanka Comic Con 2016.

I have eaten many, many, Pringles today.




The Colombo Lighthouse

At the lighthouse, we went up on the steps to take some shots. Directly behind and of little interest (you will notice I have not bothered to feature it in any images below) is a lighthouse no one cares about. Except for one, tiny, guard, who came out with an assault rifle (maybe he was scared the Undead would bite him?), and told us we couldn't take pictures. 

So we send him to go to talk to Thilani, back at the bus. In the meanwhile, we finished taking all our pictures. He came back to shoo us away, but by then, we were already leaving. 

When we left, I waved to Napoleon.
Sadly, he did not wave back. 

Dutch Hospital

This was unpleasant. We went with a Colombo City Tours bus, because they had all the approvals in place so that we could shoot in public areas (let's set aside for now, that approvals are needed to shoot in public areas). 

The security guard who then came out, told us we had to stop. However, he had no issue with all the white people taking pictures around us. The war on Sri Lankan-hating, Sri Lankan security guards was not what we signed up for that day, so we went on about our business. 

This did involve trying to get into the World Trade Center, where they were quite surprised and nervous, but did let us shoot in a corner. 


Independence Square

Things went very well here. We were well received, security gave us no trouble, and Ushan Gunasekera shot the upcoming Lanka Comic Con Calendar. 


Also, there was this. 

Never have I seen such chemistry between a woman who spoke no English, and a man with no face. 

I call this, "Deadpool: A Love Story."

Jason Rajasinghe was (this) Deadpool. You will know him from the amazing Deadpool Valentine's Day video from IFilm Sri Lanka

You will be hearing more soon about Jason, Banu, and the rest of the amazing IFilm team. 

Rahal Wijewardene (LCC 2015 volunteer! Hooray!) from came by, and livestreamed this little video, talking to cosplayers and asking us about the upcoming events for Lanka Comic Con, 2016. 

Interested in Cosplay?

Click here to join the Official Lanka Comic Con Cosplay Network. Find out about events like this, get tips from other cosplayers, and get to know a cool, fun bunch of dedicated, no-nonsense, charming, bright, people. 


Special thanks to Ushan Gunasekera, IFilm Sri Lanka,,  (who you will also be hearing more about, soon), and all the Lanka Comic Con volunteers and cosplayers who came out today.