komali kings

Meet the team behind Komaali Kings, featured panelists at Lanka Comic Con 2018

This is Komaali Kings, கோமாளி கிங்ஸ்) (or Clown Kings in English), Sri Lanka's first mass-budgeted, Tamil-language films in over 40 years! The last Sri Lankan Tamil-language film to be released island-wide on this scale was Komaligal, in 1976.


This black-comedy thriller has been written and directed by King Ratnam (and is also his directorial debut). Komali Kings is co-produced by Ganesh Deivanayagam, Bawadharani Rajasingham and R. Selvaskandan for Picture This Motions.

The film, starring Raja Ganeshan, Kamala Sri Mohan, Darshan Dharmaraj, Gajan Kanesshan, Niranjani Shanmugaraja, Sathiyapriya Ratnasaamy along with King Ratnam in the lead role, opened to positive reviews and to much acclaim from it's Tamil-language audience.

Inspired by Komaligal, the story of Komali Kings revolves around Siva Sithambaram (played by Raja Ganesan), an average next-door neighbour whose mundane life takes a hilarious turn when a distant relative, Pat (played by King Ratnam) and his family from London, decide to stay with him for the duration of their trip, in order to attend a family wedding.

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The film was shot Jaffna, Batticaloa, Malayagam and Colombo. The team behind the movie worked hard to ensure that the casting encompassed a mixture of Tamil and Sinhala races, as well as Hindu, Muslim and Christianity cultures, in order to reflect unity between the different ethinic groups in the country.

We are highly thrilled to announce that the team behind Komali Kings will have their very own, tri-lingual panel at Lanka Comic Con 2018!