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Seer: Death Sight - a Sri Lankan directed, Sci-Fi Action Series

Seer: Death Sight is a sci-fi action web series, starring Joey Ansah (The Bourne Ultimatum) and Christian Howard (Street Fighter: Assassin's fist). It was written, directed, and produced by Sandun Seneviratne. Together with executive producers Ray Martenstyn and Udana Fonseka they are Grindout Productions, a Sri Lankan production and distribution company.  

You can see the video, here (or click the picture, above).

Human beings are hardwired to enjoy and tell stories.
— Sandun Seneviratne

Sci-Fi Storytelling

"Human beings are hardwired to enjoy and tell stories," said Sandun, who has wanted to make films since he was a child.  "That's how we make sense of the world."

To Sandun, film-making is about telling stories through moving images. Hollywood genre movies in particular, he finds to be the most accessible and entertaining storytelling, in our culture.

"I am also a huge fan of Science Fiction," he added,  "it looks to the future and examines the limitless potential of humankind."

Seer: Death Sight is a web series about a psychic assassin, in a nuclear ruined world dominated by corporations. "I wanted to prove that it is possible to make a genre film with high level production value, stunts and visual effects with a limited budget," said Sandun. "My goal is to make these types of movies in Sri lanka, using Sri Lankan resources and involving Sri Lankan and international talent, which will appeal to a global audience."  

Hollywood Actors

If you find the actors in Death Sight familiar, it's because you should. 

"I was looking for the right leading man with the necessary action chops," said Sandun. "We were at the cinema watching The Bourne Ultimatum when we saw this mesmerizing action sequence where Matt Damon Fights an assassin (Joey Ansah) on the rooftops in Morocco. The sequence is still one of the best action scenes ever put on film. We found out that the actor who played the bad guy 'Desh' was living in London and decided to contact him. He loved the script and not only wanted to be involved but also brought in his stunt team and choreographed a brilliant action/martial arts sequence on a small budget."

Here's that fight scene. 

Ansah has also played the villain opposite John Cusack in The Numbers Station and appeared in smaller roles in several films including Snow White and the Huntsman He also wrote, directed and starred in the popular Web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist and its sequel TV series Street Fighter: Resurrection. In Street Fighter, he plays the main villain 'Akuma'. 

Christian Howard who plays bad guy 'Kano' in Seer: Death Sight appears as the the main character 'Ken' in the series 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' and 'Street Fighter: Resurrection'.

'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' 2014

Tsuwayuki Saotome who plays another villain has appeared in 'London has Fallen', the sequel to 'Olympus Has Fallen,' opposite Gerard Butler.

Touring Conventions

 Seer: Death Sight has been screened at many top Sci-fi film festivals, including the Phoenix Comic Con Film Festival, Intl Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival of Athens and Fantastic Planet: Sydney. It will be screened at Lanka Comic Con, where you can also meet the Grindout team. Grindout will be joining a panel on independent film making. 

Science Fiction it looks to the future and examines the limitless potential of humankind.
— Sandun Seneviratne