• Present the strength of faculty, methods, and resources

  • Impress students and parents with caliber of offerings

  • Recruit prospective students and staff

  • Inspire students. It is how they remember you

 Picture credit: Eman Schools

Picture credit: Eman Schools

up to 77% off for your stall, if your students exhibit

Get discounts for having students exhibit, or if your team runs science activities. Pay as low as 4,000 LKR for a stall.


Student exhibit: get a 3,000 LKR Discount

A student exhibit must be for at least 4 hours. There must also be at least one student :) . They must be able to talk to the public about their work.

Per booth, there is a maximum of 4 student exhibits. Only 2 may be run, at the same time.

Interact Space Activity: get a 3,000 LKR Discount

Do a presentation, demo, or a talk in the Interact Space (a 12mx12m area, with chair, a screen, mikes, and a projector). Must run for at least 40 minutes (and please, not more than 45…).

Proposals for Interact Space activities must be submitted early, for vetting (no one is getting up and talking about crystal healing).

Even if you have lots of exhibits and activities, you MUST pay a minimum of least 4,000 LKR, per stall.

 Picture credit: Scientific American

Picture credit: Scientific American

Get an educator's stall

Stalls are 3mx3m Octanorm shells, each with: 3 spot lights, one 5 amp power point, 1 fascia board, 2 information counters, 2 chairs.

For each stall, 4 Exhibitor passes will be provided.

Multiple stalls may be purchased, and joined to make a larger booth. Exhibitors can also make their own stalls (but will charged the same fee, sorry).

 Picture credit:

Picture credit:

educator stall prices

Pay early, and get up to 40% off.  
Do activities and host student exhibits, as listed above, for additional discounts.

18,000 LKR, if paid by May 15th: 40% off, Best Value

24,000 LKR if paid by July 15th: 20% off  

30,000 LKR if paid by August 15th: full retail

No stalls will be sold beyond August 15th.