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Get an enthusiasts' stall LOW AS 4,000 LKR 

Stalls are 3mx3m Octanorm shells, each with: 3 spot lights, one 5 amp power point, 1 fascia board, 2 information counters, 2 chairs.

For each stall, 4 Exhibitor passes will be provided.

Multiple stalls may be purchased, and joined to make a larger booth. Exhibitors can also make their own stalls (but will charged the same fee, sorry).

Book early. We expect these to sell out, fast.

 Picture credit: TELUS World of Science

Picture credit: TELUS World of Science

do a demos or talk, in the interact space

Do a presentation, demo, or a talk in the Interact Space (a 12mx12m area, with chair, a screen, mikes, and a projector). Cannot go over 45 minutes.

Use of the Interact Space is free. However spots are limited, and preference will be given to: 
Renewable energy
Water management
More efficient farming, sustainable fishing
Disruptive communication or education
Environmental protection
Cutting edge science and technology topics