• Learn about new trends and discoveries

  • Connect with employers, entrepreneurs, and educators

  • Engage issues, speakers, and decision makers  

  • Examine prospective schools, employers, and groups  

  • Go rogue and do your own exhibit. Why not? Success isn't something you ask permission for.  

 Picture credit: The Smithsonian

Picture credit: The Smithsonian

exhibit on your own, for 1000 LKR 

Your school/uni not interested? If you and your friends want to do an exhibit, you can.

Here is a NASA guide to doing a good scienc fair project.

Stalls are 3mx3m Octanorm shells, each with: 3 spot lights, one 5 amp power point, 1 fascia board, 2 information counters, 2 chairs.

You must submit your exhibit idea to us, for vetting. If you are selected, you will get a half day slot (morning or evening) on either Saturday or Sunday. Let us know your preference, we will try to accommodate it. 

For each exhibit, 2 Exhibitor passes will be provided.

Please book early.