All Photography by Ruwen Gy Sil and Ranmith Welikala

Lanka Comic Con was founded by members of the Geek Club of Sri Lanka. It is now managed by the Lanka Comic Con Trust, a nonprofit, for the benefit of Sri Lanka's Geek Community.


Our Mission

- To organize Lanka Comicon, and similar and related events.

- To promote local Science Fiction and Fantasy writers and artists, both here and abroad. 

- To partner with individuals and organizations to mutual benefit, per our mission, and theirs. 



This Comic Con was somewhat of a safe haven and not just for Comic book geeks, but for anyone to be themselves by being someone else, be it a hero or a villain, and to express their love for the stories and games we live for.
— Shamindri De Sayrah,


  • Kashan Bahar
  • Mohamed Fadil
  • Vishva Thilina Karunaratne Herath
  • Vasanth Kahandawela
  • Afdhal "Alright" Marikar 
  • Naveed Rozais
  • Thilani Samarasinha
  • Navin Weeraratne