Filmbox is doing Lanka Comic Con's Design

And Sachi Ediriweera, owner of Filmbox, is in charge. 

Sachi is an award winning designer and filmmaker. His short films which specialize in visual storytelling have screened in numerous international film festivals around the world.

Mostly a film buff, Sachi’s work is influenced by Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and Walt Disney. He's also a huge comic book fan (surprise surprise!).  

“I got into design mostly to create order out of chaos so to speak,”  says Sachi. “However my interest has been illustration, to create abstract images combining characters and story worlds. It could be original characters or ones from popular franchises - with a personal touch..”

I asked him what got him into Comic Con. His first experience was the first Middle East Film and Comic Con in 2011. “It was an absolutely thrilling experience to meet fellow Geeks,”  he said,“to see how passionate they were. When Lanka Comic Con was announced I was glad ... 2016 will be a great opportunity to expand this event, and give our geeks something special.”

Sachi is no stranger to the Sri Lankan geek scene. He has been a longtime member of the Geek Club of Sri Lanka, and is one of the founding admins of the Sri Lankan Geeks, an excellent page on Facebook.

Garden of Bones is his latest short film you can see it here.

Filmbox is the Official Design Partner for Lanka Comic Con 2016.