Nickelodeon Comics Editor, Joan Hilty, is Coming to Comic Con

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Joan Hilty, the Comics Editor for Nickelodeon, directing comics programs for Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others, working with publishers IDW, Dark Horse, Oni, Panini, Boom! and Papercutz.

 She is also founding editor-in-chief of Pageturner, a New York City-based book producer and agency specializing in literary comics and graphic novels.

From the mid-90s to mid-2000s she was a senior editor at DC Comics/Vertigo, editing Cartoon Network comics, Batman, Flash, Birds of Prey, and many Vertigo projects, including G. Willow Wilson's comics debut Cairo.

Joan is super excited about meeting Asian fans of Avatar and Korra and TMNT and she's also bringing some cool stuff with her to give away- including comics and posters.

Legend of Korra Turf Wars, Dark Horse Comics

Legend of Korra Turf Wars, Dark Horse Comics

On Saturday 26th from 2p.m -4p.m: Meet Joan, talk with her about the US comics industry, chat with her about topics you'd like to hear her cover on Sunday at her panel, get items signed

On Sunday 11.30a.m-12.30p.m  - Joan will discuss inclusion and diversity in the US comics industry, current trends in comics publishing, and her experiences editing everything from Batman to the American Civil War, Priya's Shakti, and the Avatarverse. Slideshow with Q&A afterwards.

And here's something very special for all budding comics writers and artists- Joan has offered to spend some time reviewing  your portfolios and giving you some constructive feedback. If you've ever dreamed about having your art/writing looked at by a professional comics editor- here's your chance!

- Thilani Samarasinha
Lanka Comic Con Principal Organizer

Cairo, G. Willow Wilson, Vertigo 

Cairo, G. Willow Wilson, Vertigo 

PS: Dear American Airlines Check-In staffer, at Newark (or, at Charlotte!). Joan Hilty is indeed flying on a ticket purchased by one Navin Weeraratne, on behalf of the Lanka Comic Con Trust, per the letters you are probably also looking at right now (so please let her on the plane...). I figured if you see us writing about this on our blog, it'll eliminate any concerns about the card holder not being the passenger.